First Projects


Update: I’ve decided I’ll start with Warcraft 3 & do RPG Maker afterwards as my second project.

I’ve been thinking about what project to start my game making hobby with for a long time. In my intro post I mentioned possibly doing something with Unity & the Warcraft 3 World Editor, though I’d also like to mention RPG Maker as another option for me to pursue. In the past, it would typically be whatever idea I was in the mood for, changing on an almost weekly basis, but now that I’ve started this blog I would like to have my projects set in stone.

Thing is, I don’t want to just focus purely on one idea. Instead I’d like to try having two projects in “active development”; one ‘from scratch’ project that is more akin to proper game development, another using the resources & content provided by the program. Given my past record for hobby projects, I’m a bit worried that if I only have one project I will lose interest in doing it. By having two projects I can keep things fresh by switching projects when one becomes a grind (I’m not a major fan of grinding in games or in real life). Sure, it means more “work” but if I do this right it should become fun instead. Besides, it’s not like I would never do the other project if I had only chosen one project to do at a time, so, in a way, this may be the quicker way to go about this.

The obvious candidate for the ‘from scratch’ project is Unity & I know what kind of game I’ll be making – a Roguelike. I have many ideas for Roguelikes but I’m unsure of what the class architecture for a typical Roguelike would look like & I’m still pretty new to Unity. I think I’ll have to begin with what I’ll call a ‘throw away’ project to learn how to make a basic Roguelike in Unity. I know there are tutorials online I can follow (that use other languages) so it won’t be difficult to make one; I just need to get myself into it.

To complement a ‘from scratch’ project that is purely about gameplay, I guess it makes sense that the other would be more story/world oriented. RPG Maker is probably better suited for an explicit story though my ideas for Warcraft are typically more RPG oriented; I can also get my flatmate involved in testing it more easily. However, like with Unity, I haven’t delved too deeply into either program so more ‘throw away’ projects may be in order. With RPG Maker I guess it would be something like Final Fantasy 1 but based on the XP/VX RTP content. For Warcraft 3, I’ve been thinking about doing something similar to the board game Talisman that could work. I’ll have to think about it more I’ll start with Warcraft 3 then RPG Maker.

So now I kind of know what my projects are: a basic Roguelike & a Warcraft 3 Talisman style map, followed by an RPG Maker game similar to Final Fantasy 1 based on the vanilla RTP. I hope to have decided on the later project in the next few days; maybe someone online can help me decide. In the meantime I can get started on the Unity Roguelike. Let’s get started.


3 thoughts on “First Projects

  1. If you’d like, we can collaborate on some projects. I have RPG Maker VX (and ACE too I think) and I’m stuck for concepts to work on in those. All the concepts I have currently are far too big for RPG Maker and I want the feel of the game to be more like Persona than the original Final Fantasy.

    I haven’t delved much into Unity (more a designer than a do-er), but hey, I’d love to work with someone or at least learn from someone how to use it.

    Just food for thought. ^.^

    • Sounds great. I don’t have much of an opportunity to collaborate with anyone since all the people in my life are more into making music than games (I do love music but I prefer to invent imaginary worlds). At this point in time though I’m just trying to prove I can make a game first.

      I don’t have a hard time coming up with ideas but I’m also guilty of ballooning them beyond my capabilities. After doing my “throw-away” project, I’m planning on using RPG Maker to create short scenarios, like how writers do short stories before writing novels. For instance, I’ve got an idea for a subversion of the “knight/princess/dragon” fairy tale trope from the POV of the princess. Maybe that could get your mind working somehow; I don’t know.

      I never played Persona. It’s on my mental list of “I’ll play it when I come across it” games, along with Chrono Trigger. I’ve heard good things about it so hopefully some day I’ll play it.

      • I understand there. I come from a rural area so everyone’s about farming and non-computer stuff, and my friends are more about playing games rather than making them.

        How to you mean ballooning them? As in they become huge projects? Pretty sure I’m like that too. But you know what, just get people to collaborate with you. I’m going to do it with my Hunters concept. Albeit I’m at the start of the process. But hey, there are people that have the doing skills but not the ideas to explore their do-er skills. Just need to find a buddy. That’s what Steve Jobs did. 😀

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