An Invasion/Siege Map Idea


Last night I had a dream that gave me an idea for an invasion scenario. In the dream there were two groups controlling an outpost. I was part of the group with less sway & we were trying to subvert the outpost to our side. Neither of us were killing or hurting each other, it was like some weird pacifist version of the Dominion game mode from Unreal Tournament; I did notice some people were disappearing though. Eventually the outpost was invaded by a third group & the pacifist stand-off was now between us & the invaders.

A couple times during the invasion I saw this big dog-like creature on the side of the invaders. It mostly just stood there doing nothing; no one was interacting with it. Even when all of the other invaders were seemingly driven off no one tried to lead it away. It soon took a much more active, aggressive, role & devastated some of us (it didn’t outright kill us; it just threw us around very easily). I wake up with the invaders getting the upper hand.


From this dream I thought of a 2-player scenario. You are one of two factions trying to defend an area or structure from an invading force. The winner is the player with the most control of the area. However, to succeed both players need to work together to fight off the invaders who are stronger than a lone player. Thinking further, I came up with this idea for a Warcraft 3 map (note that “X” is a placeholder for whatever the name of the world is):

The bridge world of X-Gate that links X to the rest of the multiverse has been invaded by mysterious creatures. Only the Dominion can help the garrison of X-Gate fend off the invaders. The Dominion will offer assistance under the condition that X will fall under Dominion control. X begrudgingly accepts, though the Dominion is aware X does not intend to give up their independence.

The scenario takes place on X-Gate. The players (one player as the X-Gate garrison, the other as the Dominion forces) would each have a main base at one side of the map with the invasion base at the far side. Scattered across the map are control points the players need to take over. Victory conditions are as follows:

  • Destroy the invader base
  • Control 80% of the map or destroy the other player’s Castle
  • Your Castle must survive
  • Hint: Destroy the invaders before destroying each other. The invaders are stronger than a lone player

The Dominion should give the impression of being a powerful multiverse spanning empire so would consist of stronger, more magical, units that are more expensive to produce. They would likely follow the Blood Elf aesthetic.
In contrast, the garrison would have a more fledgling but industrious look. They would consist of weaker but more numerous & mobile units. I imagine them following the vanilla Human faction the closest.
I would have the invaders take a more otherworldly aesthetic. They would likely consist of demonic &/or Naga type creeps with some Undead units mixed in. They would use the corrupt Night Elf structures as buildings that also serve as enemy units. Some units would be specifically designed to dominate one player faction but be weak to the other faction, though generally they would be stronger than the player units. The invader base should be almost impossible to breach without cooperation from both players.

I don’t know if I’ll actually implement this in the future. Still, I had fun turning this dream into a game idea.

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